February 18, 2020
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Product Spotlight: Innovative, low maintenance hand hygiene dispensers

When it comes to hands free soap and hand sanitizer dispensers, the two most common service issues are empty dispensers and worn out batteries. The Purell® ES8 dispensing system has a revolutionary design that eliminates both of those issues at once.


Easy to monitor

Unique refill technology sets these sleek 1200mL dispensers apart. Levels can be monitored quickly and easily with a single glance and each new refill refreshes the dispenser's appearance.

For cutting edge tracking ability, there is the option to add on intelligent tracking to your dispenser. This IOT technology is ideal for monitoring hand hygiene compliance in hospitals and for reducing restroom-related work orders, complaints, and waste in large facilities like airports, shopping centers, and stadiums.

High power, low waste

Checking and changing batteries can be a major resource drain. The Purell® ES8 Dispenser System eliminates the hassle of battery change outs by combining this major task with one you are already doing – replacing empty refills. Each new refill has an integrated coin cell battery. When you replace the empty refill, you get fresh product and fresh energy in one simple step.


The Purell® ES8 system is easy to disassemble for disposal and recycling. It represents a 68% reduction in battery waste and a 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions when compared to leading touch-free systems on the market, lowering your impact and your costs.

A great impression and great results

Investing in Purell® products is an investment in health, safety, and customer satisfaction. In a recent survey, 82% of participants reported that seeing Purell® products left them with a positive overall impression of the facility that provided them.

Each of the products in the Purell® advanced dispenser line can be personalized for your brand to showcase your commitment to cleanliness, health and well-being.

The Clean Up

The Purell® ES8 dispensing system solves two major maintenance issues with its innovative energy-on-the-refill technology. It reduces waste and maintenance labor while combatting absenteeism and infection. For more information and to order yours, speak to your Maintex representative.


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