January 1, 2018
Case Studies

A restaurant chain’s drive through lanes were accumulating unsightly oil and grease stains

As customers idle in drive lanes, their cars drip oil, grease, and dirt that combine to form slippery conditions and unsightly stains.  Over time, these stains soak deep into the concrete, resisting cleaning.  A restaurant chain needed a foolproof ongoing maintenance program to eliminate buildup and keep drive lanes looking their best.  Maintex introduced the Tennant T1B Cordless Walk Behind Micro Scrubber.  This battery-powered machine is durable, easily maneuverable, and the perfect size for restaurants short on space.

Using the T1B and Maintex chemicals, the restaurant chain now quickly scrubs problem areas – both outside and inside – during low-traffic times.  Frequent maintenance using the reliable T1B prevents build-up and reduces labor costs without disrupting service.


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