Case Studies

Case Study: San Bernardino school custodian says TRR is "the future of cleaning"

Keeping schools clean is an important job and the Maintex TRR (Touch-Free Restroom Restoration System) makes it simple.

A Hollywood studio with a focus on environmental impact wanted to reduce paper in the waste stream

Facilities managers are often faced with the challenge of reducing environmental impact while continuing to provide quality hygiene products.  This studio lot was using traditional folded towels and was reluctant to move to less hygienic and less convenient air blowers. Maintex introduced  GP enMotion® Automated Paper Towel Dispensers , improving quality while fulfilling the environmental mandate.  Moving from folded towels to attractive enMotion units reduced paper waste by 30% with precise, on-demand dispensing.  At the same time, employees were impressed by the improved quality and convenience of the new product.

A luxury resort was losing time and money because carpet cleaning in guest rooms took too long

Hotels need to turn rooms quickly to meet occupancy and revenue targets, but interim carpet maintenance using a standard carpet extractor requires several hours of drying time.   When traditional techniques were unable to meet their demanding requirements for speed, cleanliness, and customer satisfaction, a luxury resort turned to Maintex for help.

A large grocery chain wanted to eliminate costly slip-and-fall accidents in areas of the store where moisture was present

The proper placement of scraper/wiper mats in produce and floral departments can dramatically reduce dangerous slip-and-fall incidents. Maintex helped the grocery chain select Super Soaker industry-leading mats and guided them on strategic placement in high-risk areas such as below produce wet racks, under soft fruit displays, and along the perimeter of  the cut flower bouquet section.  By trapping, absorbing, and containing dripping liquid and mist in their grooves, these mats prevent slippery conditions that can lead to dangerous slip-and-falls.

A long-term care facility was struggling to store and track the usage of cleaning chemicals

With tight budgets, overworked staff, and limited storage, long-term care facilities need to stay efficient and minimize waste. After struggling to keep their cleaning costs under control, a care facility worked with Maintex to implement the  Maintex Dilution Solution Cabinet Dispenser .  This safe, reliable, and accurate wall-mounted system dispenses up to four different chemical concentrates using precise metering technology.  Using the Dilution Solution to fill spray bottles, buckets, and automatic scrubbers  helped the facility to reduce waste, free up space, and save money.

A school district needed help keeping students healthy and reducing absenteeism

Absenteeism is disruptive to learning and directly impacts a school’s bottom line.  One problem area for schools is restrooms, which can be difficult to keep clean and sanitary.  Maintex introduced a touch-free restroom cleaning system, helping the school district to improve cleaning times and outcomes while reducing labor costs.

A restaurant chain’s drive through lanes were accumulating unsightly oil and grease stains

As customers idle in drive lanes, their cars drip oil, grease, and dirt that combine to form slippery conditions and unsightly stains.  Over time, these stains soak deep into the concrete, resisting cleaning.  A restaurant chain needed a foolproof ongoing maintenance program to eliminate buildup and keep drive lanes looking their best.  Maintex introduced the Tennant T1B Cordless Walk Behind Micro Scrubber.  This battery-powered machine is durable, easily maneuverable, and the perfect size for restaurants short on space.

A Building Service Contractor looking to cut costs and eliminate waste worked with Maintex to evaluate their existing liner program

Building Service Contractors that switch to  Maintex JustRight Trash Can Liners  have discovered savings in manual labor and monthly supply spend while reducing environmental impact.  Right-sizing to properly fitting liners eliminates too-short “falling bags”, and wasteful oversized bags that require time consuming liner tie-offs.  The coreless rolls are easy to dispense and provide excellent cost control.  After implementing Maintex’s recommended program changes, the BSC realized 11% cost savings while simultaneously reducing landfill waste.

An upscale housing community needed help eliminating odors in pet areas

As more people move to highly populated urban living centers, expectations from tenants of luxury housing communities continue to rise.  More and more residents are bringing pets that require time spent outside. Pets relieve themselves in green belt areas – often on synthetic turf – as well as having occasional “accidents” in other areas of the facility. If not properly treated, the resulting odors can become unpleasant.

A large cruise ship wanted to make sure room amenities were always available, without sacrificing quality

Cruise ships are floating cities, meeting the needs of thousands of passengers. Stocking guest cabins with disposable amenities on this scale is costly, time-consuming, and wasteful.  A cruise ship was able to reduce room amenity costs by 80% through the implementation of Maintex Orange Blossom soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion products.  Attractive, refillable dispensing units replaced a plethora of individually-packaged 1 oz. amenities.  Instead of throwing out tens of thousands of tiny plastic bottles, housekeeping staff now quickly and efficiently refill just the product that has been consumed.  This results in substantial cost and labor savings, as well as a reduction in landfill waste.