January 1, 2018
Case Studies, Education, Restroom Care

A school district needed help keeping students healthy and reducing absenteeism

Absenteeism is disruptive to learning and directly impacts a school’s bottom line.  One problem area for schools is restrooms, which can be difficult to keep clean and sanitary.  Maintex introduced a touch-free restroom cleaning system, helping the school district to improve cleaning times and outcomes while reducing labor costs.

The Maintex TRR Touch-Free Restroom Restoration System is an all-in-one touchless system incorporating a pressure washer, on-board chemical dilution, and wet vac.  Overworked school janitors can now quickly and efficiently spray clean all restroom surfaces, then vacuum up the wastewater.  The result: a clean, sanitary restroom that looks and smells good, and keeps students healthy and in class.


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