January 1, 2018
Case Studies, Housing Communities

An upscale housing community needed help eliminating odors in pet areas

As more people move to highly populated urban living centers, expectations from tenants of luxury housing communities continue to rise.  More and more residents are bringing pets that require time spent outside. Pets relieve themselves in green belt areas – often on synthetic turf – as well as having occasional “accidents” in other areas of the facility. If not properly treated, the resulting odors can become unpleasant.


In response to this challenge, Maintex developed a proprietary formula with organic enzymes that are extremely effective at eliminating offensive odors at the source. Since adopting Maintex L.O.D. Odor Digester as part of its daily cleaning program, the housing community reports clean, healthy, fresh-smelling pet areas – and happy residents (of both the human and furry variety)!


Maintex is an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality janitorial supplies, cleaning chemicals, tools, and equipment in Southern California. We stock thousands of facilities items and offer a full range of cleaning programs, comprehensive training, and customized solutions.

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