Successfully crossing the "finish" line: 10 tips for selecting a floor finish that won’t let you down

When it comes to floor finishes, all are not created equal. A lesser formula can cost more than you might imagine in wasted product and labor, only to achieve subpar results.

Here are the top 10 things to consider when choosing the best floor finish for your job:

Reduce labor costs and improve indoor air quality in one fell swoop with a customized matting program

Floor matting is an under-appreciated part of maintaining a clean and safe facility. Different mats have different purposes, but one primary role is to keep dirt and water contained from the minute someone walks through the front door of the building. The right mats can reduce cleaning time, improve the appearance of your facility, and reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries.

A major retailer was looking for a new product to satisfy customer demand

Customers of a major grocery store asked frequently about a product that would work to clean coffee pots and carafes.  Over time with repeated use , mineral deposits from hard water build up and make normally satisfying brews taste bitter.  The retailer turned to Maintex, and we custom-formulated a new chemical cleaner to meet their needs:  Maintex Coffee Pot Cleaner & Descaler .   A monthly deep cleaning and decalcifying of the coffee maker improves the brewing performance  and the taste of coffee. Coffee Pot Cleaner is ideal for cleaning all parts of a drip coffee machine, including the glass carafe, the exterior of the pot, internal parts, and even coffee cups!