January 1, 2018
Case Studies

A large cruise ship wanted to make sure room amenities were always available, without sacrificing quality

Cruise ships are floating cities, meeting the needs of thousands of passengers. Stocking guest cabins with disposable amenities on this scale is costly, time-consuming, and wasteful.  A cruise ship was able to reduce room amenity costs by 80% through the implementation of Maintex Orange Blossom soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion products.  Attractive, refillable dispensing units replaced a plethora of individually-packaged 1 oz. amenities.  Instead of throwing out tens of thousands of tiny plastic bottles, housekeeping staff now quickly and efficiently refill just the product that has been consumed.  This results in substantial cost and labor savings, as well as a reduction in landfill waste.


Maintex is an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality janitorial supplies, cleaning chemicals, tools, and equipment in Southern California. We stock thousands of facilities items and offer a full range of cleaning programs, comprehensive training, and customized solutions.

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