March 11, 2019
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Spring is in the air. Toxic chemicals shouldn't be.

Spring is the season of green - the first eager sprouts of grass, the tiny but determined tree buds, the clover of St. Patrick’s Day - and, increasingly, green cleaning.

Toxic Talk

Traditional cleaning chemicals have come under scrutiny in recent years, and for good reason. Some toxic ingredients can have potentially dangerous effects on human health and the environment.

This increased concern has led to a global call for safer alternatives. Luckily, as the demand for safer cleaning solutions has risen, technology has also improved. This makes today’s greener options more effective and affordable than ever.

Most companies want to use products that are safe for their workers, customers, visitors, and the planet. But how can they be certain that the products they choose are, in fact, “green"?

Shades of Green

Have you heard of the term "greenwashing"?

Greenwashing is a questionable practice used by some manufacturers to make their products seem safe for the environment. Often, these products carry labels like “environmentally-friendly," "natural,” “eco-friendly," and even “green," but these are all unregulated terms. Anyone can claim their product is "green" and no one is monitoring whether it's true!

There has been some crackdown on this practice in the last few years, but it can still be difficult to determine which products truly are safe. This is where green certifications come in.

A Safer Choice

EPA_Safer_Choice_industrial_logoThere are two main green cleaning chemical certifying bodies in the United States. The first is Safer Choice (formerly Design for the Environment). Safer Choice is a rigorous certification program overseen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In addition to safer ingredients and superior performance, Safer Choice-certified products must also satisfy strict EPA requirements regarding packaging, pH levels, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Products that meet the EPA’s stringent criteria carry the Safer Choice label. This lets the buyer easily identify the formulas that contain safer ingredients and meet the EPA’s quality and performance standards.


A Seal of Approval

The second notable green certification program is Green Seal. Green Seal has a set of science-based standards for manufacturers so they can prove their commitment to health and the environment. Manufacturers undergo annual compliance monitoring aimed at continuous improvement in sustainable practices.

For buyers, the Green Seal label has two main benefits:GREENSEAL_CERT-Web-RGB-SM
  • It proves a manufacturer’s ongoing commitment to preserve the health of humans and the planet.
  • It removes the guesswork from choosing greener, more health-and-environment friendly products.

Better yet, all Green Seal-certified products are tested to assure they match or exceed the performance levels of their less environmentally friendly counterparts. That's why choosing a Green Seal product never means a sacrifice in quality.


Doing Our Part

Maintex has been working hard to produce low-impact eco-friendly chemicals for over 20 years. We consistently update our environmentally friendly formulations to meet the exacting requirements of EPA Safer Choice and Green Seal certifications.

You can browse our full selection of sustainable products in the Maintex online store.

The Clean Up

If you want environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals, make sure to look for the Safer Choice or Green Seal emblem on your products. Talk to your Maintex sales representative about switching to certified environmentally friendly products today. SHOP NOW AT MAINTEX.COM


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