November 20, 2018

Leader Letter: A Letter of Gratitude

Leader Letters are monthly letters from the Maintex Leadership team. This month, Maintex President Linda Silverman wrote about "Gratitude."

I recently went to Dallas for four hectic days at the ISSA trade show and convention. This was an excellent opportunity to gather with suppliers, customers, and longtime industry friends. I saw new innovations and was exposed to different ideas. I can say with certainty that I am truly grateful for this experience, which got me pondering about gratitude.

The definition of gratitude is, “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”

Showing gratitude in your personal and business life is transformational.

According to Psychology Today there are actually scientifically proven benefits of gratitude. For example, gratitude opens the door to more relationships. It improves physical and psychological health by enhancing empathy and reducing aggression. Grateful people sleep better and have better self-esteem and mental resilience.

Awareness of these benefits makes embracing gratitude a true “no brainer.” With that in mind here are some of my personal suggestions of how to live with more gratitude.

Gratitude begins with an overall appreciation of life.

When we realize how fortunate we are to spend time with our friends and loved ones and to work in a productive environment, gratitude comes easily. It’s the ability to express ourselves freely and grow by learning and overcoming challenges. It’s embracing a positive outlook and appreciation of all the positive things in our lives - big or small.

How can I express my gratitude to others?

  • Be mindful in conversation, listening actively and paying attention to others
  • Make eye contact
  • Offer genuine feedback, including a well intentioned hug and honest compliments
  • Sincerely express yourself
  • Be considerate and thoughtful
  • Volunteer

Any of these actions can go a long way toward expressing your appreciation.

This is my gratitude.

Thank you to the ISSA for allowing me to have four outstanding days. I got to learn, to spend time with Maintex team members, and to enjoy time with our trusted vendors and amazing customers.

Thank you for allowing me to be one of five judges in the ISSA Innovation program.

Thanks for the opportunity to connect with my dear friends and fellow Past Presidents at a fabulous annual luncheon.

Finally, thank you for the opportunity to be a founding Board Member of the Hygieia Network which is now a part of the newly created ISSA Charities. Hygieia encourages the advancement of Women throughout the cleaning industry. For four years our Board has worked hard to bring women together and introduce a mentoring program to ISSA.

I am incredibly proud and grateful for all of these gifts.


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