December 18, 2018

Leader Letter: Mentoring will take your team to the next level

Leader Letters are monthly letters from the Maintex Leadership team. This month, Maintex President Linda Silverman wrote about "Mentoring."

I am a huge believer in mentoring.

The benefits of successful mentoring are three pronged The program impacts the mentor, the mentee and the organization. I have personally experienced mentoring from each of these three perspectives.

As a Mentee

Early in my career, I was mentored in sales by a veteran manager who took me under his wing and guided me. We had an informal mentoring relationship - he answered my frequent questions, freely gave me sage advice, and taught me all about the “Jan San” industry. He encouraged me to master many important aspects of sales, including developing product knowledge, understanding the customer’s needs, and always exceeding expectations.

His tutelage helped increase my self-confidence as I started on that new endeavor. His advice taught me how to speak up effectively and be heard. This was very important as a young female in a male dominated industry.

I had a second mentor who impacted my career by showing me the benefits of getting involved in the leadership of our trade association. He encouraged my participation in our local trade association, which then led to participation as a board member and eventually as the President of ISSA.

All of these actions improved my interpersonal relationships, expanded my awareness of the industry, and created important networking opportunities. The result of these experiences were personally and professionally profound.

As a Mentor

My experience as a mentor has been very rewarding. When we have succeeded in something, I believe it is our obligation to give back to those who are trying to do the same. As a mentor, I can help others be more successful in their careers. Mentoring allows me to celebrate others’ achievements and guide them on their career path.

I also learn so much from those I mentor. I am exposed to new ideas, different approaches, and in many instances a new mindset.

As an Organization

The process of mentoring builds a stronger culture within Maintex. We believe in recognizing talent and developing pathways to career advancement. By implementing a mentoring program, we are demonstrating to our team members that we want to invest in them and support them. This fosters more loyal employees and creates a positive work environment. The final benefit is a sense of cooperation and harmony within our company.

Mentoring Beyond Maintex

As a founding Board member of the Hygieia Network, I am excited to report that the ISSA Hygieia Network (IHN) launched an official mentoring program in late October at the ISSA Convention in Dallas. The new platform allows participants to sign up as mentors, mentees, or both! This program provides tools, assistance, and creates valuable relationships.

If you’re interested in participating in this exciting new program and discovering the many benefits of mentoring, please go to the Hygieia Mentoring website.

Mentoring is a process that every organization can benefit from, regardless of size or industry. As a mentee, mentor, and owner of a company that promotes mentoring I believe the benefits are phenomenal.


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