January 5, 2021
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The Same Precautions Used to Fight the Flu are Effective Against COVID-19

Scientists are still studying the novel coronavirus. But we know that the same precautions we take to reduce the spread of influenza work well against COVID-19.  Staying home when ill, keeping physical distance, and frequent hand washing are all important practices that work against many diseases, not just coronavirus.

Modeling and encouraging hygiene practices makes us all safer in the long run.  Consider what you can do around your workplace, school, housing community, or retail establishment to encourage the right kinds of behaviors.

Hand Washing is Simple - and Critical

Frequent hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of disease.  Wash hands:

  • before preparing or eating food
  • after using the toilet
  • after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing
  • after handling garbage
  • after interacting with pets

When soap and running water is unavailable, a liquid or gel hand sanitizer with alcohol is the next best thing.  While hand sanitizer is in short supply, Maintex has a few different options to bridge the gap.


Check out our complete hand washing guide.  The CDC offers a variety of posters, stickers, instructional videos, and fact sheets on the topic.

Decentralize Workspace Cleaning

Cleaning crews need to work harder and more efficiently than ever to keep high-risk areas clean and disinfected.

Empower employees to keep their own workspaces clean by handing out supplies such as cleaners, cloths, and disinfecting wipes or spray disinfectants along with instructional cards.  Encourage everyone to clean and disinfect their workspace at the start and end of the day and before meal breaks.  This will give the disinfectant ample contact time to kill pathogens.

Restrooms are Risky

Restrooms are a prime area for germs to spread.  Make sure that restrooms are cleaned and disinfected top-to-bottom multiple times per day.  Give cleaning staff a refresher on restroom cleaning using the Maintex Cleaning Academy, our free online training resource.


Does your restroom have manually-operated sinks, push soap dispensers, or unhygienic electric air hand dryers?  Now is the time to consider upgrading to reliable touchless fixtures!  Automated touchless faucets, soap dispensers, and jam-free paper towel systems ensure that product is always available.  These sleek fixtures keep staff and visitors healthy and show that your company cares about their safety!  Maintex has a variety of options to fit your needs and budget.

Products and Tools to Consider

Product availability is constantly changing, so consult with your Maintex Sales Consultant to determine the best items to match your needs.

Consider using some or all of the following:

  • Provide an ample supply of hand sanitizer. If traditional dispensers and refills are unavailable, use bulk pump bottles as a temporary solution.
  • Make sure all employees are provided with face tissues, disposable wipes, and disinfectant for cleaning their workspaces.
  • Consider touchless liquid hand soap dispensers and jam-free touchless paper towel systems in restrooms. Disable electric air hand dryers.
  • Use the Maintex Cleaning Academy to reinforce effective cleaning and disinfecting practices with cleaning staff.

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Safety and preparedness is essential in this new normal. COVID-19 can be combatted by using the same precautions used to fight the flu. Increasing hand washing and sanitizing efforts, empowering employees by offering resources to keep their area clean and utilizing touchless fixtures in the workplace and restrooms will reduce the risk of spreading germs and bacteria.

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