August 7, 2019
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Behind the Clean: Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaners

What makes hydrogen peroxide cleaners perfect for your needs?

They are powerful, versatile multi-purpose cleaners and degreasers that don't contain any toxic chemicals, so they are safe for daily use.

Maintex carries a versatile range of hydrogen peroxide chemical formulations to meet every cleaning need.

Eco friendly, but tough

Hydrogen peroxide products are an environmentally responsible choice. The majority of our hydrogen peroxide-based products are certified by Green Seal or Safer Choice, meeting rigorous safety and environmental standards.

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If hydrogen peroxide-based products enter the water system, the ingredients are designed not to harm the environment. As compared to traditional chemicals, hydrogen peroxide-based products are safer for the user and for people around the area being cleaned.

Highly effective multipurpose cleaners

Hydrogen peroxide multipurpose cleaners are tough enough to handle heavy duty grease and stains, but gentle enough to maintain the integrity of most everyday surfaces and fabrics.

One of our most popular all-purpose cleaners is Oxy Citrus. This ready-to-use all-purpose cleaner is designed for heavy duty cleaning application, but is also safe for surfaces like granite, stainless steel, and grout. It can also act as an outstanding carpet spotter and laundry pre-treater for water-safe fabrics. Oxy Citrus simplifies spotting by quickly removing coffee, soda, juice, grease and most other soils.

A product to meet every need

These cleaners aren't just for your kitchen and laundry room. Maintex has formulations specifically designed for a range of applications such as high performance glass cleaners, floor cleaners that won't dull a shiny finish, and tough restroom and tile cleaners that eliminate soap scum and odors.

The Clean Up

Hydrogen peroxide cleaners are tough on grease and stains, environmentally responsible, safe for daily use, and designed for a versatile range of cleaning applications. Talk to your Maintex representative about your hydrogen peroxide cleaning options today.


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