October 23, 2018
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Cordless backpack vacuum cleaners are a game changer in safety, speed and cost reduction

Cordless backpack vacuum cleaners are a breakthrough with multiple benefits for Building Service Contractors and their clients. In any industry, staying competitive means embracing innovative products and equipment that solves problems. At Maintex, we want to enable BSCs to provide proactive solutions to their customers.


Reduce Falls and Injuries For Major Cost Savings

The National Safety Council reports that compensation and medical costs stemming from employee slip-and-fall accidents add up to approximately $70 billion a year. The average cost of a single slip, trip, or fall injury is $20,000 or more, including legal fees.

A traditional vacuum cord can stretch across floors and down stairs, presenting major risks to both workers and building occupants. Cordless vacuums eliminate this dangerous risk, which can have a big impact on your bottom line. As an added cost saving, some companies report that switching to backpack vacuums has reduced repetitive motion injury claims from around 8% to zero.

Improve Speed & Efficiency

Eliminating cords provides a big spike in speed and efficiency, especially in tough areas like staircases. Instead of wrestling with plugs and doorways or changing outlets after two flights of stairs, employees can work their way down a stairwell seamlessly in less time. According to ProTeam, their GoFree Flex Pro cordless backpack vacuum cleans 30% faster and allows more frequent cleaning than a corded backpack vacuum. This productivity improvement significantly increases client satisfaction.

The Clean Up

Increased speed and productivity gives BSCs a major tool to tackle the proverbial client demands to “do more with less.” Efficiency gains in cordless backpacks mean greater cost containment for BSCs - they reduce energy output, part replacement, and equipment weight. Overall, cordless backpack vacuum are a ground-breaking step in our industry’s evolving innovation. Discuss your cordless vacuum needs with a Maintex representative today.


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