March 19, 2019
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Leader Letter: Three Important Reasons to Value People Who Work in the Cleaning Industry

Leader Letters are monthly letters from the Maintex Leadership team. This month, Maintex President Linda Silverman spent some time reflecting on the "Value of Clean" and why the cleaning industry is so important.

Maintex is extremely proud to be in the “cleaning business." It may not sound glamorous, but we know that the true value of a clean home and work environment goes far beyond aesthetics.

Cleaning (n); The process of removing unwanted substances, such as dirt, infectious agents, and other impurities, from an object or surface.

Why is cleaning such important work? Here are a few important reasons why proper and regular cleaning is vital to the well-being of others.

Value #1: Health

First and foremost, cleaning prevents the spread of germs and illness.

The right cleaning program implemented in the right way can stop germs in their tracks. It can reduce the spread of illness in hospitals, schools, and other workplaces.

But keeping people safe takes knowledge and expertise. For example, to properly fight germs, one must choose a suitable EPA-registered disinfectant with the appropriate efficacy (kill claims) and appropriate dwell time.  At Maintex, we consider ourselves the "Germ Police," sharing our knowledge with our customers to help keep your environment safe and healthy for everyone.

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Cordless Backpack VacuumIn addition to combating germs, it's important to consider the air we breathe. We can maintain better indoor air quality through regular vacuuming. High quality vacuums with HEPA filtration reduce airborne allergens.  Air filters must be cleaned and replaced regularly to ensure that allergens and other nasty particles that can harm the lungs are captured.

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Value #2: Safety

A clean environment at home or in the workplace means more than just an inviting atmosphere. Cleanliness also promotes safety.

Proper cleaning prevents injuries. A dirty floor can cause slips, trips, and falls. Avoid accidents and injuries by removing debris and performing daily floor maintaining. Add an effective floor matting program that removes moisture and soil from the bottom of shoes to create a true safety solution.

Once floor safety is addressed, look up toward your light fixtures. Dirty fixtures can impair visibility, creating safety issues. A well-lit area with clean light fixtures creates a safer workplace. A clean, well-lit workspace also creates a positive environment and promotes productivity. After all, no one wants to work in a dark, dingy place!

Value #3: Your Bottom Line

Cleaning makes financial sense. The reason is actually pretty simple! Everything we buy only last for so long. But if we take care of our purchases, they will last longer.

Carpets, floors, and furnishings are expensive investments. With proper cleaning they will look nicer and last longer. This is what we call asset preservation. Asset preservation is just one way that cleaning can impact your bottom line.

We Value Clean, So We Value You

IMG_3817 webThose of us who work in the cleaning industry have many roles. We range from manufacturers to distributors, from rep groups to cleaning companies, from institutional service providers to maid services. We clean inside and outside. We clean in private and public areas.

We are owners, executives, managers, supervisors, production workers, office personnel, drivers, sales and marketing team members, housekeepers, janitors, custodians, and environmental service workers.

We are proud to be a part of an industry that works every day to make the world better, safer, and of course, cleaner.

The Clean Up

Cleaning may not always be glamorous, but it is a key component of our modern world. Those who work in the cleaning business play a vital role in making the places we work, live, and play better – because a cleaner world is a healthier and safer world!


Maintex is an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality janitorial supplies, cleaning chemicals, tools, and equipment in Southern California. We stock thousands of facilities items and offer a full range of cleaning programs, comprehensive training, and customized solutions.

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