July 2, 2019
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How to Deep Clean a BBQ Grill

Did you know that regular cleaning extends the life of your gas grill? It also helps keep you safe. After all, built-up grease and food particles can cause sparks or even small fires. A clean grill also makes cooking easier and more impressive; squeaky clean grill grates will help keep your food from sticking and create those clear grill lines that look so tasty.

Are you grilling any meals this summer? If so you should know the proper procedure for keeping your grill clean and safe.

Step 1: Gather your supplies

Our favorite products for a clean grill are Fast Action Oven & Grill Cleaner and Lightning Plus Degreaser. Together, these two products are effective for even the most stubborn, caked on build-up. Sta-Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner is an excellent choice for cleaning and polishing the exterior surface of your grill.

You'll also need a trough to soak the cooking grates, an assortment of pads, sponges, and towels, for scraping and wiping the grill surfaces, and safety equipment such as gloves and eye protection.

Step 2: Safety and preparation

Some sources may recommend preheating your grill to loosen stuck-on food. While this may be a good option for a quick cleaning between uses, for a deep clean you'll want to ensure that the grill is cool. Handling hot grills is dangerous.

Put on your safety equipment, check your grill temperature, then fill your trough with water and 32 ounces of Lightning Plus.

Step 3: Scrape, spray, & soak the grills

Use a putty knife to remove as much debris from the cooking grates as you can. Spray them with Fast Action then place them in the prepared grill trough. If you have heat diffusers or flavor grids, repeat the process with these parts, adding them to the trough.

Step 4: Scrape & scrub the inside of the grill

Remove each burner and scrape out any debris with a putty knife. Spray the inside of the grill with Fast Action, then thoroughly scrub the inside of the grill with a stainless steel sponge or grill pad. Gently wipe the inside of the grill with a clean damp towel, then replace the burners.

Carefully remove the grease tray. Use the putty knife to scrape away any debris, then wipe it with a clean towel and return it to its place.

Step 5: Rinse & replace the grids and grates

Scrub and rinse the flavor grids (if you have them) and cooking grates with clean water and a fresh towel. Replace each piece after it has been rinsed.

Turn the grill on for one minute then turn it off. Give the cooking grates a final wipe with a clean, wet towel. Be careful not to burn yourself.

Step 6: Clean the outside of the grill

Spray a light amount of Sta-Brite and wipe with a clean towel, moving in the direction of the grain. Never use any abrasive materials on the outside of a grill.

Now that your grill is deep cleaned, you're ready for a delicious summer!

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