June 14, 2019
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Behind the Clean: Private Branded Chemicals

For customers looking to develop a private label chemical, how does Maintex create unique, high-quality products for private brands?

The secret is our capacity to create the entire product, from conception to completion.

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It starts with creating the perfect chemical formulation to meet your specific needs. The Maintex laboratory has been open for nearly 60 years and has a reputation for rigorous quality and compliance. With over 300 proprietary formulas at our disposal, Maintex has a strong starting point to create nearly any chemical you can imagine.

Our regulatory team ensures compliance with constantly changing federal and state requirements while our chemists work diligently to adapt an existing formula to our customers' specifications.

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Meanwhile, our experienced in-house branding team will begin to work on the design and marketing for your product.

Our in-house team provides a range of services to support your success. Co-branded and private branded training materials, signage, and internal programs are available to fit even the most complex needs. We will work with you to create private labels, packaging, and branded collateral materials to accompany your products. We will also generate Safety Data Sheets and help you ensure all necessary government registrations and compliance steps are met.

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Once the product is conceived and formulated, we can produce, label, and package your product, all within our City of Industry warehouse.

With each of our teams focusing on the work they do best, we can seamlessly create custom products for your brand from start to finish.

If you are looking to develop a line of private label chemicals, Maintex will guide you through the process and support your success. It is our mission at Maintex to promote your message of quality, professionalism, and service. Reach out to your Maintex sales representative today.


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Maintex Lab Chemicals and Beakers-2

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