December 29, 2020
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Stop the Spread With Screening and Frequent Disinfecting

The best way to prevent the spread of coronavirus is for people who feel sick to stay home.  The CDC provides up-to-date guidance on the symptoms to watch out for, as well as printable signage in several languages that you can post at your facility.

Recent federal and state legislation has increased the availability of paid sick leave, often with the government picking up most or all of the tab.  Make sure employees and visitors know how important it is to stay home if they are feeling sick!

Stop Disease at The Door

Employers should perform COVID-19 health checks, including screening for specific symptoms outlined by the CDC and checking temperatures with a non-contact thermometer.  Everyone's health situation is different, and elevated temperature is just one indication that someone might potentially have COVID-19 or another illness.

Remember that employee health information is protected under the ADA and other laws, and must be stored and communicated consistent with confidentiality requirements.

Increase the Frequency and Scope of Disinfecting

Surfaces and common touch points need to be disinfected far more frequently than before.  Make a list of areas and touch points such as door handles, elevator buttons, light switches, and railings.  Prioritize areas for additional cleaning: entryways, common spaces, and restrooms are often heavily trafficked.


Make sure you use an EPA-registered disinfectant that is approved for novel coronavirus.  Disinfect surfaces several times per day and make sure the surfaces stay wet for the required dwell time.

The CDC provides additional recommendations for disinfecting workplaces.

Consider New Equipment

The market is exploding with new equipment options that make disinfecting faster, easier, and cheaper than ever!  Maintex now carries a variety of spraying, misting, and electrostatic disinfecting machines, including portable battery-powered and backpack models.

These tools make it faster and easier than ever before for a single person to quickly perform broad disinfection of large spaces and even entire buildings.

Products and Tools to Consider

Product availability is constantly changing, so consult with your Maintex Sales Consultant to determine the best items to match your needs.

Consider using some or all of the following:

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  • Disposable masks and disposable latex, nitrile, or vinyl gloves
  • EPA-approved ready to use or dilutable disinfectant cleaners, such as Maintex Turbo Kill and Citra-Cide
  • Disposable microfiber wiping cloths and mops
  • Clorox Total 360 or one of several other options at a variety of price points for spraying or misting disinfectant cleaners onto hard surfaces

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Safety and preparedness is essential in this new normal. Prevention is key when stopping the spread of the virus, screening people at the door using a noncontact forehead thermometer and informing employees that its important to stay home when they are feeling sick are just a few precautions to take to keep your workplace safe. Making a list of high touchpoints and increasing the rate at which they are cleaned is vital to a healthy work environment, as well as considering new equipment and chemicals used to clean these areas. 

Maintex is an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality janitorial supplies, cleaning chemicals, tools, and equipment in Southern California. We stock thousands of facilities items and offer a full range of cleaning programs, comprehensive training, and customized solutions.

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