Successfully crossing the "finish" line: 10 tips for selecting a floor finish that won’t let you down

When it comes to floor finishes, all are not created equal. A lesser formula can cost more than you might imagine in wasted product and labor, only to achieve subpar results.

Here are the top 10 things to consider when choosing the best floor finish for your job:

Four key questions to ask yourself before buying a disinfectant

In Detail:

You want to spend your money wisely. You want to be sure that the product you purchase will do the job properly.

When choosing the right disinfectant for your facility, you should always answer these four questions first:

How do I protect my company against the spread of influenza?

The flu virus is spread primarily through close personal contact. Frequent disinfecting of common touch points and shared surfaces as part of a daily cleaning program is an effective way of reducing the transmission of influenza.

A long-term care facility was struggling to store and track the usage of cleaning chemicals

With tight budgets, overworked staff, and limited storage, long-term care facilities need to stay efficient and minimize waste. After struggling to keep their cleaning costs under control, a care facility worked with Maintex to implement the  Maintex Dilution Solution Cabinet Dispenser .  This safe, reliable, and accurate wall-mounted system dispenses up to four different chemical concentrates using precise metering technology.  Using the Dilution Solution to fill spray bottles, buckets, and automatic scrubbers  helped the facility to reduce waste, free up space, and save money.

A hospital chain was looking for a more effective program for cleaning patient rooms while meeting stringent standards for reducing the spread of hospital-acquired infections (HAI)

Forty-four percent of patient rooms contain pathogens including C. Diff after cleaning with traditional dust mops and cleaning cloths. Standard laundering does not effectively sterilize these reusable products, and may actually increase the risk of further spreading harmful pathogens.